Uphill Marathon Runners 2017: The Magnificent 7!

The Stirling Scottish Marathon, being held for the very first time in May 2017 and pretty much on the doorstep of The Uphill Trust, was too good a fundraising opportunity to miss.


First to sign up was Becca, daughter of one of Liddy's school friends:






















She says, " Hi, I'm Becca and once a year (sometimes more) I like to do something a little crazy. My running started with a 10K, then a half marathon, then a full marathon, shortly followed by a 100 mile run over 4 days and a boxing match! At the beginning of my first marathon in York, a man said to me "This won't be your last".  I laughed and at the end disagreed with him completely saying, " Never again, this is my last". That thought didn't last long as the very next day I was signing up to marathon number two.

Running is my escape from a busy life and allows me to spend some time with nature. My preference is for trail running which I can enjoy in the Cotswolds, my local area. Running helps me unwind from my work as a nurse and it also gives me a chance to raise awareness and fundraise for charity. This year I was asked by Liddy if I would like to run the first Stirling Scottish Marathon to support The Uphill Trust. I didn't hesitate with the answer for that so here I am ready to complete marathon number five...

 Please can you help me to support this charity and offer some encouragement during the next few months of training."

You can support Becca and all the other runners here

Next to commit was Alex, the younger brother of Belinda (and fellow karate enthusiast):



















Never one to shirk a physical challenge, the opportunity to run a tremendous course for an outstanding cause, and in his sister's 'back yard' no less, was not something he was likely to turn down. "I probably have one more marathon left in my carcass," he says, "running on behalf of The Uphill Trust in the Stirling Scottish Marathon will be an honour and knowing the phenomenal effect this will have for so many youngsters is an extremely powerful motivator. Please help me (particularly thorugh the purgatory that lies beyond the 17 mile marker) to assist them by donating generously. Thank you!"

Alex's decision to run for Uphill inspired his step children to start running too:

 Joely and Darragh will be running alongside Alex in their local event, the Taunton Half Marathon, at the beginning of April and are proving to be plucky full marathon training partners for Alex in the interim. Joely is planning to be a nurse and is studying for a Health and Social Care Diploma at college, whilst GCSE student Darragh aspires to a future career in law enforcement. 

Joely says, "A little bit of time and effort on my part could make a world of difference to those at Uphill Junior School so I might as well make a challenge of it."

Joely is no stranger to fundraising for The Uphill Trust - in her spare time she volunteers at the local communtity coffee shop and, along with her sister Bethan, has already helped to raise over £500. 

You can support Alex, Joely, Darragh and all the other runners here


To complete the bunch, Alasdair and Joseph signed up:

Keen motorcyclist and PhD student Alasdair decided that he too would like to run the Stirling Marathon for The Uphill Trust, after meeting Belinda and Max at Royal Enfield Edinburgh last September at a charity motorcycle event. Yes, a love of motorycling is a common thread amongst the Uphill trustees (remember the 48 Hour Fence Louper event last June?).  

Alasdair, a conservationist studying Carbon Management & Emisson Modelling at the University of Edinburgh, then spoke to his running partner from undergraduate days ...



















... Joseph is based in Leeds, were he works as an ecological consultant - he says, he is "passionate about all things conservation!". Whilst working as a researcher oversees in Borneo, rural Costa Rica, St. Eustatius (Dutch Caribbbean) and Maio, Cape Verde, Joseph has seen first hand the conditions in which children in rural communties live, often in extreme poverty. He believes that education is of the upmost importance as a tool to tackle extreme poverty and he values the work carried out by The Uphill Trust.

You can support Alasdair, Joseph and all the other runners here






















The Magnificent 7 (well, 7 entries from 6 runners!) are committing a huge amount of time and effort in preparation for their marathon and half-marathon challenges in a few months time.

Please can you help to make all their hard work in support of The Uphill Trust School Build Appeal worthwhile by donating generously. Together, we can raise the funds needed to build another much-needed classroom for the children at Uphill Junior School.

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Thank you to everyone who has supported The Uphill Trust - together we are helping to change lives.

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