Ugandan paper bead jewellery for sale!


Uganda is full of micro-enterprises, and bead making is just one of them.  The Uphill Trust Chairman, Max, buys beads direct from the manufacturer in Kampala and brings them back to Trustee Liddy, who somehow manages to find the time in her busy life to make them up into fabulous necklaces, earnings and bracelets. This venture started with a craft fair in Newport-on-Tay last December, and now the only limiting factor is how often The Chairman can pay a visit to Eunice, the bead supplier. You can see photos of Eunice making the beads on our facebook page.

The jewellery will be available for sale at various upcoming events in Scotland.  Prices range from £4 for a pair of earrings, to £8 for a necklace. Email the Trustees for more details. 


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