STOP MALARIA...with a fiver

42 children (under 5) die every day from malaria in Uganda. (UN Children's Fund 2015)


When we were at Uphill Junior School in March, we discovered that many of the children suffer from malaria which is life-threatening and also a major cause of them missing essential schooling.  

Most of our families do not have mosquito nets to use. A large mosquito net costs £5 — a sum beyond most families' means — and supplies are readily available in Fort Portal, only about 35km away.

In April 2016 The Uphill Trust Mosquito Net Appeal was launched on Total Giving with a target is £900.  We had a tremendous response and by the beginning of May the appeal fund topped £1000.                    

UPDATE: Medical grade mosquito nets have been bought for all the staff and children at Uphill Junior School and in early June one of the parents, a medical suppliers agent specialising in Malaria Prevention, provided a training session on the use and care of mosquito nets, before the nets were handed out.  


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