Stirling Marathon Success


Well done to our four fabulous Uphill Runners who took part in the very first Stirling Scottisg Marathon on Sunday 21 May 2017. Alasdair and Joe loped round the course like pro's and came in together in under 4 hours - two Personal Best times - BRILLIANT!

Alex and Becca ran together the whole way too, a combination of sheer grit and military routine overcame the re-emergence of an old injury and they made came in at just under 6 hours. HUGE RESPECT!

We are extremely proud of our runners and of the supporter team who route marched from cheering point to cheering point during the course of the event. Apparenly our proferred bananas at the half way mark really hit the spot!

Total marathon fundraising currently stands at £4,086 - we are well on the way to funding another classroom!

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