Meet the Uphill Trust Ambassadors


Clockwise from top left: Di Hartrup - Mags Black - Debbie Herbert - Joely & Bethan Ford

"I feel passionately that EVERYONE has a right to an education"

So says, Uphill Trust Ambassador Margaret "Mags" Black, a dental hygienist and the inspiration behing the Gladrags and Handbags Coffee Morning  held in Newport-on-Tay on 17 September 2016.  This event raised over £1,800. Well done Mags!

A few years ago Mags and her husband Harry went to visit their daughter Sara who teaches in Vietnam. The experience of seeing the school and meeting the children there left a lasting impression.  Only 40% of the children went to school and the traumatic lives of some of them were heart-breaking.

When Mags heard about The Uphill Trust's work in Uganda she recognised the similarities with the children in Vietnam and felt she had to get involved. Mags loved the idea that all the money donated to The Uphill Trust goes directly to the school and, as a result, the impact of donations can be seen almost immediately.                                

Di Hartrup is Trustee Belinda's godmother and regularly hosts Chairman Max when he has work commitments in SE England. Di has taken a keen interest in the developments at Uphill Junior School ever since Max's first visit to Iruhuura in 2013 and has been an active supporter of the Trust's work.

Through her connections with Crosfield School in Reading, Di facilitated the donation of high quality second hand tracksuits and other uniform items which the Uphill pupils absolutely love and now always wear on school trips. Di joined the Trustees on a visit to Uganda in March 2016 and continues to actively support and fundraise for the Trust from her home in Caversham. Di's recent Open House event in November 2016 raised almost £1,000 for a 10,000 litre water tank for the new school site. 

Joely (16) and Bethan (18) Ford are our two youngest Ambassadors. They have recently moved to Somerset from Birmingham and have actively engaged in the life of their new rural community by joining the volunteer squad for the North Curry Community Coffee Shop. The volunteers work shifts in the coffee shop and their 'wages' are logged and donated to the charity of their choice. These two youngsters have already raised £270 for The Uphill Trust - a fanastic achievement.

Bethan is about to head off to the University of Gloucester to study Law and Joely has just started Sixth Form College. They are both currently in training for a sponsored running event in 2017 - brilliant!

Debbie Herbert is another of our SW England-based Ambassadors. She has been involved in education for many years, and having heard about the work of The Uphill Trust, was very keen to provide support for our teacher salary programme.

As well as the generous funding that she and her family provide to support a fully qualified teacher at the school, Debbie 'sells' christmas puddings for her workmates, in exchange for donations to the Trust, and she enthusiastically raids the Uphill Trust paper-bead jewellery box when it appears in her kitchen. 


Jenny Harper is our most recent Uphill Trust Ambassador. Jenny runs the Patch of Blue Studio in Cullen, one of the villages on the Moray Firth in NE Scotland. She has a selection of Ugandan paper-bead jewellery, made by Trustee Liddy, on display alongside her lovely range of quilting supplies. 

Jenny, along with four other local ladies, represent one of the Scottish chapters of Days for Girls - an international organization that makes reusable feminine hygiene kits for distribution in countries where sanitary products are not available/are unaffordable. Jenny  and her team donated 20 Days for Girls kits earlier this year which allowed the Trustees to hold a girls-only training session at Uphill Junior School in March, ably assisted by the lady teachers. Twenty more kits have been donated and these went out to Uganda at the end of September 2016. The kits are lodged with Eve, the Health Centre Nurse who looks after the pupils at school who need medical treatment, and she hands them out to girls at the schoolas they reach puberty. These kits are a fantastic resource for the girls and young women in rural communties who would otherwise not be able to attend school/college for up to one week each month.

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