Meet Kirsteen, our new Uphill Ambassador

Kirsteen lives in Newport-on Tay, is mum to two lovely girls, Emily and Rachel, wife to Mike and a Brownie Leader with Newport Brownies. She is an accountant and describes her job as having to communicate the meaning of numbers to people rather than just add them up. She has been using those great communication skills to help The Uphill Trust from our very first sponsored walk in 2014 by Newport Brownies. 


Kirsteen has taken every opportunity to help publicise The Uphill Trust and be part of the fundraising. She has a gift for making people want to help and will go out of her way to find contacts and suggest ideas. Sponsored walks, Brownie and Guide fundraising events, coffee mornings, school fetes, quiz nights, workplace jewellery selling, church meetings and school meetings - all opportunities Kirsteen has taken to work her magic and get people involved.

She says, "We have so much we take for granted, every little helps."

We say, "Thank you, Kirsteen!"