Meet Javira


Javira, now aged 12 years, began school for the first time in October 2014 and went straight to the top of her class (Primary 1).

It is common for children to start school late in Uganda, and both Primary and Secondary school classes can have children with a wide range of ages.

Javira has four siblings and her mother (then single) has cancer of the tongue and, in December 2015, her mother was hospitalised. She has continued to excel at school, usually finishing the term at the top of the class with excellent reports from her teachers. 

In Sept-Nov 2015) her mother remarried and her step-father began to keep Javira away from school to look after her siblings. Despite her tardy attendance, she still managed to complete Primary 2 in 5th place and the school Director has recommended that she becomes a boarding pupil in 2016 to allow her the opportunity to achieve her full potential. 

Javira is being supported by a lovely donor who funds her personal needs, food, accommodation, plus her school and examination fees and she is now flourishing.

Javira, seen here on the right with two of the other supported girls, Syliva (left) and Miria (Centre) on an educational  trip to Kampala (Summer 2016)


If you would like to help a child to go to Uphill Junior School, there is more information on the Pupil Support Fund webpage, or you can contact the Trustees directly.

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