Building a classroom block, Ugandan style

At the 2016 Kindergarten Graduation in March this year, the Chairman of The Uphill Trust and the two other Guests of Honour undertook a ceremonial ground-breaking for the first classroom block on the new Uphill Junior School site.  This block has been made possible by a very generous donation from the Dollar Academy Sponsored Walk 2015. The Chairman, our committee member Alison and the two younger Trustees were all educated at Dollar Academy (as were the Chairman's parents) and we are very grateful to have been supported by donations from the school's Charity Committee in both 2014 and 2015. 

This is how a classroom block is built in rural western Uganda...

Hand made mud bricks and hardcore rocks arrive on site -  29 March 


Raised brick foundations are built, to compensate for the sloping ground - 2 April 


Hardcore is packed within the foundation walls before adding a damp proof membrane and reinforcing steel - 7 April


Concrete slab poured and left to 'go off' for two weeks before wall-building begins - 19 April


Headteacher Brian trys his hand at brick laying as the walls begin to rise - 1 May


The walls go up quickly, but the verandah construction takes a little time - 15 May


Roof struts going up and access ramps being built for each classroom - 26 May


Glazed windows are installed - 26 May


Large black boards are attached to the wall of each classroom - 26 May


As I write, the roofing sheets are about to go on over the classrooms and deep verandah and, once that has been done, the pupils will move in. Plastering and painting of the classroom block will be done at a later stage, once more funds become available. For now though, Primary 4, 5 and 6 will enjoy spacious new classrooms and will be able to start using the new latrine block on a daily basis.  We have come such a long way in the 2.5 years that we have been involved in this project and in the 1.5 years since we became a registered Scottish charity.  A huge thank you is due to all of our supporters around the world.

Post Script

The classroom block was completed at the end of August 2016 and is now in use


Plastering and painting are scheduled for the long school holidays at the end of 2016


Together, we are helping to change lives

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